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Die Hard -3: With A Vengeance 10/24/05

Move over Gator, your infamous record has been broken! I am pleased to announce that the former "-2" record low score was shattered this week! To find out which match it was, check out the screens and demos on the Match Results page. In addition, Clan
Rankings have also been updated. Go lookie! DOIT! (c) Puuhis

The league takes a break this week! See you all on Oct 31st! :)

posted by: Diane

Touch Me, Targy 10/16/05

Week 17 is over! There are now 4 more match weeks left before the playoffs!

Match Results and Clan Rankings have been updated. Please double check to ensure I didn't mess up (which I usually do since I can't seem to add or subtract). Also, new Match Predictions have been posted. Go on over there and predict for this week before bs 'webdesigns' your ass!

Don't forget to try to schedule your matches on days other than Sunday! :)

posted by: Diane

Week 16, F*ck Yea! 10/10/05

We just finished our first week of Round 3 and it was very hectic! On that note, please try to schedule your match on a day other than Sunday. If we get a schedule overload, you most likely won't have a server to play on. So (unless you are a NA/Euro match) please try to schedule on another day. If Sunday is the only day good for you, then fine but please be aware there are other
days in the week. We will not accept 4 match submissions for Sunday! Thank you in advance! :)

Screens and demos of Week 16's matches can be found on the Match Results page. Clan Rankings for Round 3 have also been adjusted. Lastly, Week 17's matches have been added to the Match Predictions page. Predict! Listen to wise man Puuhis when he says, "DOIT!"

Many of you may have noticed the absense of our forums and news archives. We encountered an unforseen problem a few days ago and will try to revive/recreate the forums within the next week. For now, feel free to post your comments in "anonymous" glory on the TCL shoutbox. ;)

On a final note, I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who assisted in this very hectic week. So thank you butti, bs, easio, juggs, target, the server admins and all participating players.

Happy Turkey Day to all the Canucks out there! Gobble Gobble? F*ck Yea!

posted by: Diane

Forums Down 10/07/05

TCL Forums/News are down. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

posted by: Diane

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