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TCLeague Player Registration

Welcome to TCUCL Player Registration

Every player must be registered this season. It is YOUR responsibility to do so. Failure to comply restricts you from participating this season.

If you wish to play in TCUCL, you must fill out the form below.

Information on how to find your GUID and IP can be found here: Player Eligibilty Form Explanation and Help.

All IP's and GUID's will be kept private by the TCL staff and will be deleted after the season completes.

Note: If your Name, IP or GUID changes, you MUST inform an admin before you play.

Player Name
This is the only name you are permitted to use this season.

In case we need to contact you.

The clan you'll be playing this season with.
IP Address
List your IP address.

Player Guid
List your player guid.


ALL fields must be filled!!!

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