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TCLeague Rules & Regulations
Last Updated: 03/12/06

I. Introduction
II. League Format
III. Scheduling
IV. Servers
  i. Selecting a Server
V. Match Play
  i. Pre Match
  ii. During Match
    a. Server Crashes
    b. Player Crashes
  iii. Maps
  iv. Spectators
  v. Ties
  vi. Player Substitutes
  vii. Forfeits
    a. Penalties
  viii. PunkBuster
  ix. Post Match
VI. Member Rules & Guidelines
VII. Conduct
  i. Sportsmanship
  ii. Communication
  iii. Cheating
    a. Using Hacks or Modifications
    b. Exploiting Game Bugs
VIII. Entrance Requirements
IX. Disputes
X. Playoffs
  i. Entry
  ii. Structure
  iii. Champions
  iii. Awards
XII. TCL Staff
  i. Administrators
  ii. Representatives

   I. Introduction   

The Official True Combat League is a league made by the players for the players. Basically, we were tired of previous leagues led by people who were not familiar with the game and it's community, so a few clanners took it upon themselves to start an inner-community tournament to appeal to the greater majority. Thus the TCL was formed.

We love and support the mod True Combat and enjoy the aspect of clanning. Our main priority is for clans to play, interract and have fun.

As we are somewhat new, we thrive and grow each season through feedback from the players and community. In that sense, if you feel that any of our rules should be altered, removed or added - please contact us ASAP. Thank you! :)

   II. League Format   

A league season including playoffs is roughly x weeks in total - meaning the season will expand to suit the number of clans involved so each clan plays the other once (x regular season weeks plus 3 playoff weeks). Every participating clan has the opportunity to play the same amount of matches; as playoff standings are determined by regular season points and caps.

The points system is as follows:

2 points for a win
0 points for a loss
1 point for a tie (may remove ties)

   III. Scheduling   

One match will be played per clan a week or every other week depending on # of clans joining. This match can be played at anytime during the week at a prearranged time made by both clans. A typical league week lasts from Monday to Sunday.

Each clan will randomly play every other clan in their division once at the start of the season. The remaining week schedules will be played against the other clans in the other divisions.

It is the responsibility of the AWAY clan to set up match discussions and for BOTH to confirm a match time (see section V. i. Pre Match). Failure to submit on time will result in a technical forfeit. (see V. vii. Forfeits).

   IV. Servers   

All servers must be running Quake 3 Point Release 1.32 and Version 1.3 of True Combat beta. The server chosen for play must also be one where the pings are closest for both participating clans.

Only official league servers may be used. A list of official servers can be found here: Servers & Settings.

i. Server Selection

Server selection is left up to both participating clans. It is very important that the server used has the LOWEST PING DIFFERENCE with the best stable connection for both clans.

Most logically for North Anerican and European merged matches, one server from each continent is used. However, if there is too much of a greater ping difference on one of those servers as opposed to the other, only play on the one that promotes fair gameplay... the server with the lower ping difference.

   V. Match Play   

i. Pre Match

It is the responsibility of the AWAY clan to make initial contact regarding setting up a match (see III. Scheduling). Failure to do this may result in a technical forfeit (see V. vii. Forfeits). Contact methods include email, irc and forum postings.

Clan leaders or contacts need to decide on a suitable server and time to play the match. If decisions can not be made in time for the match, both clans should come to an admin to help them find a solution. This MUST be done by the deadline to avert a forfeit.

All match information must be arranged before Wednesday of the week the match will be played and it's the responsibility of BOTH clans to submit the details via the TCL website using the Sumbit Match Time form. If only one clan submits, we will use that information - even if their opposing clan claims the information was not correct. So SUBMIT to avoid confusion.

Clans should meet on the gameserver about 15-30 minutes pre match to make sure their PunkBuster is updated (see section V. Viii. Punkbuster).

ii. During Match

Matches consist of two maps. Each map has two 15 minute rounds. Home maps are played on Away servers. Matches will be played with a minimum of 5 (or 4 depending on vote) players to a maximum of 6 players.

If a round ends after 15 mins in a tie, sudden death will begin. However, after 3 (or 5 minutes depending on vote) minutes if the score is still tied, it will end at the 18 minute mark. A screenshot must be taken of the score before the next round begins.

a) Server Crashes

If a server crashes at least 10 minutes into a game, the current score on that round will be counted and the remaining rounds will be played on another server.

If a server crashes before 3 minutes into the game, it shall be restarted (regardless the score) on a new server.

Lastly, if a server crashes between 3-10 minutes into the game, the current score shall be counted and crossed over to a new server. The remaining mins will be played to complete the round.

b) Player Crashes

If a player crashes during a game, the match will continue. It's up to the clan with the missing player to decide whether to bring in a replacement/substitute for that round or not.

iii. Maps

Maps chosen are usually True Combat maps that promote fair CTF gameplay. A map list can be found on the League Maps page.

Maps that have altered features such as fog and low gravity are not allowed.

Maps are played Home clan first - Away clan second.

iv. Spectators

No clan mates are allowed to spectate their clan's match. Spectators will comprise of the Administrative and Representative panel. Other spectators shall be permitted if agreed to beforehand by the admins and by both clans participating in the match.

It's a spectators responsibility to demo the match and/or serve as a referee to ensure the game runs smoothly.

v. Ties

(This is up to debate depending on recent vote). Ties are permitted in TCL. No tie breaker will be played at all during the season. If a tie occurs, each team is granted 1 point. Tiebreakers shall only be played during the Playoffs.

vi. Player Substitutions

No clan can substitute their players during a map, unless the player 999's (times out) (see V. ii. During Match). However, player substitutions are allowed between rounds and maps.

Subsitutes must belong to the same clan and eligible to play.

vii. Forfeits

Should a match not be played by Sunday night and no notice was given to an admin before the Wednesday match submission deadline, a technical forfeit will be awarded to both clans. This decision can not be reversed.

If clans can not play their prearranged match any particular week should notify an admin right away (before the Wednesday night deadline) to determine an alternative.

Any clan missing/forfeiting two matches will be removed from the league.

Lastly, if clans neglect to make contact and submit their match details by the Wednesday night deadline, a technical forfeit will befall both clans.

a) Forfeit Penalties

The following table explains caps/points awarded in different forfeit situations (this is based on what the clan who showed up receives - penalties for MIA clans are by default, 0):

1. Clan drops out of schedule or neglects to show to match: Avg pts/Avd caps for that round.
2. Clan leaves match prematurely before 4 rounds are completed: 2 pts/8 caps per mia round.

viii. Punkbuster

PunkBuster is to be used always.

Any clan matches using PunkBuster should go on to the server at least 15-30 minutes before matchtime to ensure theirs is updated. This is to avoid match delay.

The official PunkBuster website can be found at:

ix. Post Match

After a match, each clan leader (or a clan participant) needs to submit the results and screenshots to their spectating admin in case he/she neglected to take screens themselves.

If a dispute occurs after a match, please refer to section IX. Disputes.

   VI. Member Rules & Guidelines   

Each player should respect one another in game. The TCL encourages sportsmanship and anyone caught being disruptive or abusive in game may result in removal from the current match (see VII. i. Sportsmanship).

A player participating in the TCL must belong to only one clan. Players are not permitted to play the season representing more than one clan (ie. clan hoppers) unless their former clan disbands and is no longer participating in the current season - or if they were kicked out of their current clan. Those are some instances where a player is permitted to play the current season for two seperate clans - you must consult an Admin to see if your case is valid.

Participating players must be registered to the league via GUID/IP submission. Players are permitted to join after the sign up deadline on a case by case basis, but not in playoffs. Only members that played in the regular season of at least 3 matchesare permitted to play in the playoffs (see X. Playoffs).

   XII. Conduct   

i. Sportsmanship

The number 1 player rule in the TCL is for all to enjoy themselves and have fun! Name calling, belittling and other negative comments are NOT tolerated or allowed during a match. Failure to comply with that may result in removal from the game and server.

Players who show unsportsmanly behavior during a match will a) first be warned, and then b) removed from the game by the match spectator/admin. The clan with the player at fault must play the remainder of the round shorthanded before substituting another member between rounds. Hopefully this rule will prevent unsportsmansly conduct.

Any players being abusive and/or harassing others in game, in the official IRC channel, on the forums or during official match scheduling will be banned from 1 game after their first offense and banned from the season after their second offense. If you wish to file a dispute regarding an abusive player, please submit logs and proof.

If you have a disagreement with something TCL related, abusive behaviour in the official IRC channel, on the forums or on the servers will not be tolerated. Please direct any disagreements in a mature civil manner to an Admin.

Once the Administrative panel have enforced a ruling, no public debates (on server, on official irc channel, on forums) afterwards will not be tolerated.

** Please note the following if a dispute is being filed against you: The Administrative Panel will look into your recent past behavioral accounts, in matches or on the public servers, as an aid to determine if you will be temporarily suspended or barred from league play.

ii. Communication

External communication programs, such as Team Speak, are permitted during matches.

A spectator is forbidden to be on one of the dueling clan's Team Speak server/channel. If this is the case and proven to be so, the clan they were aiding will automatically forfeit and lose the match.

iii. Cheating

Cheating of any form is prohibited in the TCL. This includes using hacks and exploits. If someone is suspected in abusing one of the above during league play, it is to be demoed and reported to a TCL Admin or Representative ASAP. If someone previously caught hacking out of league play wants to participate, it is up to the Administrative and Representative Council to decide whether they can (please keep in mind this is only for rare and unique cases. We don't like hackers, nor do we want them in our league. So most likely all cases will probably be declined).

a) Using Hacks or Modifications

Any member found hacking or using unauthorized modifications during the league season shall be banned permanently from the TCL. The remainder of their clan will be watched closely for the rest of the season.

b) Exploiting Game Bugs

Depending on the exploit used, any member found using an exploit will be either suspended or permanently banned from league play. This decision will be made by the Administrative Panel; factoring in the players behavioral past and type of exploit used.

Usually a player found using a minor bug will be given a warning during the match. If they are caught doing it again, they will be removed from the current match and their team must play shorthanded. This does NOT include the fallbug. You will be kicked after your first offense. It is up to the Admin present whether a warning is given or not. If you feel like you were kicked unfairly, file a Dispute and ask to see the demos. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

   VIII. Entrance Requirements   

Any clan that wishes to participate in our regular season must fill out the form on our Join League page. You should have a minimum of six active clan members.

You must also select the "Acceptance of Terms" category on the Sign Up page to participate. This means that you understand and acknowledge the rules set forth. Failure to comply with the rules can result in removal from the league.

Each clan must also submit a list of participating players (along with their GUID and IPs) to the TCL before the season begins. An IP and GUID submission must also be made to the TCL before any new player joins the league. New players are allowed during the season but only on a case by case basis..

   IX. Disputes   

In the event of a dispute, please contact the TCL Dispute Admin and/or TCL Admin via IRC or email (for contact info visit the TCL Staff page). We will try to settle the matter fairly and quickly.

It is recommended that both clans try to solve the dispute among themselves first in an adult and mature manner. If this is not possible, please contact the TCL Dispute Admin ASAP.

For clans filing disputes, please make sure you have demos, screenshots, condumps or whatever else you feel valid handy. We do not accept heresay!

   X. Playoffs   

Playoffs happen at the end of every season. This is where the top ranking clans can battle it out for the cup championship title. Rules and regulations for the playoffs are the same as the regular season unless otherwise stated.

i. Entry

Regardless the number of clans that joined and played throughout the season, only the top 8 shall make it into the playoffs. Each clan's placement into the playoffs is based on their regular season points and caps (see below XI. ii. Structure). Only clan members who participated in the regular season (by at least playing 3 matches) are permitted to play in the playoffs.

ii. Structure

The playoff schedule will be structured after the following:

iii. Champions

Each season, there will be one TCL Champion. Each winning clan will secure a place in the TCL Hall of Fame and be featured in the next season's website layout.

iv. Awards

You touch my tra la la.

   XII. TCL Staff   

The TCL Staff is here to help and assist in fair and fun gameplay. No member of the staff is permitted to vote or state their opinion regarding a decision involving their own clan. This is in effect to ward off biased and one sided results and accusations. No Admin or Rep is allowed to spectate and/or admin any of their home clan matches.

For a complete list of Administrators and Representatives, please visit the TCL Staff page.

i. Administrators

The TCL have several admins who are responsible to ensure the season runs smoothly. They also admin matches and keep in contact with the clan representatives.

Any disputes or anything league related should be relayed to a TCL Admin. No final League decision shall be placed into effect until the Administrative Council has voted on it.

ii. Representatives

One member from each TCL participating clan shall be chosen (either by the TCL Admins or by their clan) to represent their clan in the league. Their responsibility will be to help the Admins mold the rules and regulations for this league. Also, they may be called on to represent an Administrative role and spectate and/or admin a match. Representatives should be mature and fair. Any Representative found acting improperly will be removed from their position.

These regulations may be changed to suit the needs of the league.

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